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Certificate Programme in Music



Piano Music Programme: Guiding Towards Professional and Higher Education in Music

The piano music programme aims to guide students towards studying music in a professional or higher education setting, whatever their current level of ability. Though the programme covers many aspects of music, it is grounded in the study of the piano. The programme is in three stages, for beginners (up to grade four), intermediate students (up to grade seven), and advanced students (grades seven to eight and beyond.) Each of these stages is divided into two years of study, details of which can be found on the following pages. Teaching follows a similar format over each year of study, covering classical musicianship, practical instrumental lessons and academic research skills, but these are taught at more advanced levels as the programme progresses. Students may enroll on any year of the programme, dependent on their prior experience. In order to receive the qualification at the end of each year, students must complete an internal piano performance exam, which in later years is accompanied by the submission of a portfolio, and are also expected to take appropriate board exam grades. However, students may choose to take the course for pleasure without taking the exams, though they will not receive any qualification.

Upon completion of the final year (the advanced certificate), students will be prepared for a variety of opportunities. For example, they can continue studying on our piano masterclasses; progress into university or other higher education; study on our teacher training programme, with the possibility of a job teaching at our centre; or they can choose to simply continue to learn the piano for pleasure.

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