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FAQ / Terms and Conditions


It is your responsibility to carefully read the terms and conditions listed below. Enrolment on a course assumes that you have read and agree to these terms.

How do I enrol and pay?
It is done only via Piano Study Centre website. Find the enrolment section via the drop down menu. Select the course you want. Payment options are also available there.

Why do I need to complete an enrolment form?
We need details about you to contact and also to allow the tutor to make sure that you are on an appropriate program matching your standard.

Can I enrol and pay when I attend an open day?
You are always encouraged to enrol and pay online.

Can I enrol after the course has started?
Yes. If place is still available but the full price will be levied.

When Classes are full

How can I find out if the class is full?
Please send an email to the tutor, or use the contact us form.

What if I enrol on a class that is already full?
The tutor will contact you if the class you enrol is full and offer alternative options from our courses.

Can I reserve a place on a class if I want to continue?
Yes, we recommend that you always pre book your place to avoid disappointment. Many students book three terms at a time in order to secure their place.

Joining a Class

What do I do at the first lesson?
We recommend that you bring your receipt to the first lesson, or show receipt from internet.

Can I attend lessons before enrolling?
We always recommend that you enrol online before turning up for a lesson.

Can I pay my enrolment fee directly to my tutor?
No. But you are allowed to pay your fee directly to our courses co-ordinator Grace Chan ONLY if it is necessary.

Location of Class

How do I find the location of my class?
This year all classes are located in accommodation in the music department at Goldsmith’s University, the room number is clearly stated on the web site just before the commencement of the class. If you are not sure about the location please contact to tutor and check.

The location of the class may be subject to change.

Seeking Information

Can I phone to seek more information about a course?
It is better to email the course co-ordinator if you want more information about a course.


What if I need to cancel my course?
If you want to cancel you must contact the course co-ordinator. If the request for cancelation is made more than four weeks prior to the start date of the course a refund will be given but administration fee will be applied. After that deadline a refund is not available.

No refund is available after the first lesson.

What if I cannot attend the first lesson?
If you miss the first lesson, your place on the course is not at risk and you will be able to attend subsequent lessons. However, if you miss four subsequent lessons or more without giving any notice, your name on the class register will be removed.

Can I change my course?
If you and your tutor feel that you are not on a course of an appropriate level you may change to another provided a place for you is available. Alternative options will always be available to accommodate but refund is not applied in this case.


What if I want to make a complaint?
Concerns that you wish to raise are welcome and we recommend that you submit them in writing preferably by email/contact us form. All complaints will go in the first instance to the course co-ordinator. All complaints will receive a written timely response.

What if I am dissatisfied with any arrangements?
In the event of dissatisfaction please contact the course co-ordinator and we will do our best to serve you.

Terms and Conditions

Refunds for cancellation prior to the commencement of a program will only be paid where the student has given sufficient notice. Sufficient notice is deemed to be not less than one month before the starting date of the course. Where a refund is agreed, an administration fee will be applied.

We regret that we will not be able to refund fees paid for tuition where students do not attend lessons.

The policy on refunds is necessary to allow company to remain financially viable and continue to provide higher standards of teaching and learning to our students as an independent Piano Study Centre located at Professional and Higher Education settings.

Students will be responsible for any damage they cause to college furnishings, equipment and property. Problems with equipment must be reported to your tutor immediately.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other students and teaching staff. Failure to do so could result in permanent expulsion from the course. Refund will not be available in this case.

We reserve the right to substitute the course tutor under exceptional circumstances and to make appropriate arrangements to cover for absence.

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