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Our Team > Yvonne Zhou Yun - International Correspondent

Correspondent for China and Singapore

Yvonne Zhou Yun was born in Leshan, Sichuan, China in 1991. She has had a keen interest in music since her early childhood. When she graduated from primary school, she started to participate some bigger competitions all around China.

In July 2004, she won her very first big champion in Paris, from the 32nd French International Music Competition(group for age 13-16). After that in 2005, she won the 1st prize, at the music competition of 'Star Torch' Chinese Talented Teenagers Association in Beijing, as the highest scorer.

In 2006, she won the 1st prize of the 3rd 'Lira' International Music Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 2009, Singapore government offered her full scholarship so she started her college life in Lasalle College of the Arts.

In 2013, her talent has been found, she got the offer of the Royal College of Music, London.

In the same year, she was invited by the Central Cultural Department of China, at the 1st Cadenza International Youth Arts Festival, she had showed her outstanding musical abilities and talents. Soon after that, she was invited by the Central Cultural Department of China and The Government North Cholla Province to go to Korea, held a successful solo concert in Seoul and North Cholla Province College of the Arts.

Now she is the official MC host, honorary guest and concert pianist of the event held by Central Cultural Department of China, also as assistant of CEO and the member of the board of the Cadenza International Media and Arts Company, China.

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