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Our Team > Roberto Russo - Pianist, Composer and Teacher

Roberto Russo begins studying piano with his father Mario, musician and painter. After graduating with Giuseppe Maiorca, he continues his music training in Italy with Daniel Rivera and Franco Scala, as well as with Maria Tipo, in Switzerland, where, at the Conservatoire Superieure de Genève, he obtains the Diplôme de perfectionnement. He also attends piano courses with Jörg Demus and Fausto Zadra, as well as Peter Schreier for German Lied. In 1985 he begins his career as a pianist, which leads him to perform in Argentina, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, England, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

His performances are reviewed by Italian and International press, and recorded or broadcasted by RAI (Italy), Radio Vaticana, Radio Toscana Classica (Italy), Houston Public Radio (USA) and Radio Televisión Argentina. The Swiss musicologist Brenno Boccadoro says that his piano playing is “...true, sincere, great and deeply poetic”; the Italian pianist and critic Riccardo Risaliti brings out his “...genuine sensitivity and knowledge of the instrument", also speaking of him as a skilled composer; besides, the American critics Harvey Sachs points out the way of his “...beautiful playing: the rhythm, the phrasing, the attacks, the releases, the beauty of his sound, the way he allows the motifs to stand out without actually underlining or exaggerating them...”.

Roberto Russo also studies composition under the guidance of Italo Vescovo, Silvano Sardi and Domenico Bartolucci (composer and conductor of the Sistina Chapel Choir in Rome). Two times winner of the International Music Competition “Ibla Grand Prize” (in 1996 as a pianist and in 1997 as a composer), from 2000 to 2005 he is artistic director of the International Competition for pianists and composers “Premio Franz Liszt” in Grottammare, Italy, as well as honorary chairman of the “HKPCA - Hong Kong Piano Competition”.

Roberto collaborates with English composer Michael Stimpson, the English pianist Mark Nixon, the Japanese pianist Aisa Ijiri, the Canadian cellist Bridget MacRae, the Lithuanian oboist Juste Gelgotaite, the Italian organist Claudio Brizi and the Italian tenor Alessandro Maffucci. He records for Istituto Liszt of Bologna (Italy) and for the Italian Labels III Millennio and Istituto Discografico Italiano.

Principal piano teacher at Ferrara Music Conservatory (Italy), he holds courses, lectures and master class at Music Conservatoires and Universities worldwide: Hogskøle i Tromsø (Norway), Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie (Poland), Universitatea Nationala de Muzica din Bucuresti (Romania), Conservatorio Superior de Música de Oviedo (Spain), Royal College of Music of London (England) and Wimbledon College Music School (England); as a critic, he also collaborates with cultural magazines and institutions («Il Ponte» - Firenze, Italy; «L'Ospite Ingrato» - Università di Siena, Italy; “Forme e percorsi dell'Ascolto”- Università della Calabria, Italy; «De Musica» - University of Milan, Italy). He is also member of the New York Classical Music Society and of Piano Week (Piano Festival and Summer School in London).

In 2012, he has been appointed “Steinway Artist”.

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