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Testimonials for: Alexander Technique | Piano Courses

Testimonials for Piano Courses

Barry M.

At last I have found a teacher who can really teach me how to play the piano in a structured way, and can take me to any level I wish to go.

With a great teacher not only well qualified but who has every student progress at heart. If you are serious about learning - this is the place to come.

Ugono G.

It's a great opportunity learning how to play the piano in a conducive environment with a fabulous teacher that can teach you as a beginner to any higher level of your choice.

I have learnt more as a beginner in a short period of time and it's because of the attention, technique and skill of studying in the classroom. Thinking of how to play the piano or enhance your piano skill. Then look no further, here is the place for you.

Paul E.

In just a year I have made great progress in learning to play. My sight reading and interpretation have developed well and my ability to analyse musical notation and memorize scores has improved. Grace is a great guide, she has a good sense of humour and is able to advise and use her experience well for all levels of student. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Greg J.

I found the piano study centre a great place to learn how to play the piano and to find my own voice through the instrument. The tuition is at a very high and professional standard. You can go at your own pace whether you are a beginner or a professional; there is always room to improve in a safe and friendly environment. You’ll be playing the pieces on the piano you have been dreaming of in a very short time. I highly recommend it

Margarita Y.

I am currently a student at Grace Chan's Intermediary Piano Short Course. I have been studying with Grace Chan for 2 semesters and have made tremendous progress. It helped me to build confidence, improve my skills and now I play at various Central London venues as a professional pianist.'

Grace has a personal approach to each student and actually takes time to come and see my performances at other venues. Also, last Friday, I became resident pianist in one of the top central London hotels. So far Grace has been the most influential piano teacher among all I had before (about 5 in different countries over 10 years or so). Needless to say, I would like to continue studying with her.

Helen P.

I've really enjoyed the piano classes and learning in a classroom environment means we learn from each other. Before enrolling on the piano course at Goldsmiths I researched for suitable piano courses with good teaching. I was lucky to find Goldsmiths runs piano courses, with great teaching - Grace is an experienced teacher with a wealth of knowledge.

I hope next academic year to continue with a follow-on piano course and also a course in music composition.

Selah T.

I just wanted to write about how much I have learnt in just a few months than I have in 5 years of struggling at other classes/institutions!

Your method and passion for teaching is very rare, helping us to progress quickly to all our amazement! You are a special teacher, encouraging our individual learning and passing on your passion for piano playing. I hope that it will be continuing next year as I finally feel I am getting somewhere with my playing and I don't feel I am overstating my gratitude when I say that I thank God for finding me your class.

Sulola K.

I have really enjoyed the Saturday class and feel it has not only developed my music theory understanding but my improvisation skills, sight reading and playing.

I also liked that we were able to work in groups because we were able to break down a piece of music and successfully perform it. Also even though we may have started at different levels I think every student has grown I have really enjoyed learning at your class and wish to do it all again.

Francis S.

I am writing to say that I have enjoyed Piano keyboard workshop and I would like it to continue next term. It has been a good preparation to learn keyboard skills for new beginners like myself and would like it to continue in the near future.]You have been a good teacher in teaching us these basis skills to be able to move around the keys and learning to sight read music.

Rowe D. L.

I write with reference to the Piano/Keyboard class of which I have been a student for the past two years.

On a personal note, you have been a fantastic teacher and as a result I have learned more in these two years than in six years of group and private tuition. Speaking more broadly, I know my experience has been shared by many others on the course and I think that such a course is vital for giving people the courage to get back into study whilst providing a firm foundation in musicianship (the theory and the practical are given equal attention and this is what makes the course so great!)

Tosin A.

I have learnt a lot from Grace's class. This class is not like any another piano classes I've attended, as it teaches us to play with specific methods you created. We were able to play pieces in a very short space of time. This further encouraged us to go and seek out other pieces of our own to play with Grace's support.

Please keep this class on the schedule so that other students can benefit as my classmates and I have.

Paul A.

As regards the current course, I would like to say that since attending my piano technique and my understanding of the patterns, form and structure within pieces of music has improved a lot. I have also gained greater understanding of music theory, in particular harmonic progressions and harmonization.

The initial purpose for writing is that I would like to continue undertaking piano and musicianship lessons in the next academic year with Grace, because I feel that it would improve my playing and understanding of music.

Paul H.

I've found these classes very helpful. Grace's use of theory as an aid, not just to better understand the music we play, but as an aid to quicker sight reading and a better understanding of the keyboard has also been a useful approach to studying piano, and leaves me feeling that I can go away from the class well equipped for further self-study.

There has always been a good choice of pieces offered to the class, with realistic enough time frames - with enough effort - to learn them in.

I've particularly benefited from the group work and group performance, which offer students the chance to talk about what they've learnt, pass on their own understanding to other students and improve general musicianship.

Throughout the duration of the course, Grace's infectious delivery has been full of energy and enthusiasm, and the extra effort she has put in organizing the end of term 'Piano Party' is testament to that. The party gives Grace's students of all levels a chance to meet and perform what they've learned. Also, it offers students the opportunity to judge, constructively, each performance which, in turn, makes it clear what each student should be aiming for when learning and performing a piece.

Mel D.

In class, I have learnt a lot of theory, which I have been trying to learn for several years, but just could not be grasped. To help embed what I have learnt since September last year, I would like to continue this course next year with you, and possibly consider taking my grades through class.

Lloyd W.

I am a mature student who has been waiting for over a year to join a beginners' music lesson. My music teacher, Grace Chan, is great on delivery of the lesson. My last two terms were a great help to me, with the rest of the class.

Jane H.

Goldsmiths' is one of the only places in London that I have found which runs a group piano class where is at an affordable price but offers an excellent standard of tuition in a supportive and friendly environment.

This is my second year in piano at Goldsmith's in Grace's class and I feel I have progressed more quickly than I ever though I would. I can now play two Grade 3 pieces and am considering taking the Grade 3 exam at the end of this year. Also, I know all 24 scales and how they relate to one another (Circle of Fifths). I feel I have learnt a lot more of the theory than I would have learnt on my own or with a book, since Grace provides practical exercises on all the new bits of theory that she introduces. Having nearly completed 2 years, I want the opportunity to progress to (Intermediate) level.

Giorgio S.

As you know I work quite long hours during the week which makes it impossible for me to attend any course during the week. This is part of the reason why I attended the same course in order to keep on learning the piano. And I am not disappointed, because I learned more and new pieces in a joyful group of students, who I believe, all benefited of your experience and proved methodology.

It's this experience of yours which allowed me to learn almost on my own new and challenging three Grade 5 pieces. So now, if anything, I would like to have the opportunity to have an intermediate piano class with you again.

Paul C-B.

Hi Grace, The project I was working on has somewhat snowballed and, as a result, I've relocated to Edinburgh, where my company is based.

I do hope to be back living in London at some point and will certainly be in touch when I do. I really enjoyed your classes and look forward to restarting my journey on the piano once more.

Testimonials for: Piano Courses | Alexander Technique

Testimonials for Alexander Technique Programme

Music degree students' comment on Alexander Technique for Musicians and Performing Artists (ATMPA) workshop

Content of the workshop

  • very down to earth skills for us to start release ourselves
  • very useful, it can help me to sense my own body
  • useful and informative - hope university could continue to provide similar workshop
  • useful for doing a well performance
  • well organize, very clear explanation
  • very practical and useful to help us realize ourselves
  • new perspectives on the body have been provided. They are pretty useful
  • enhance my awareness of the body gesture towards my performance
  • A good and structured 'introduction' about Alexander Technique
  • very interesting, have the background story, the intention of techniques demonstration
  • it reminds us to feel and think about what we are doing
  • very useful, is related to my performance
  • very useful, good for us
  • useful for music students performance and daily life
  • good workshop
  • well-planned content
  • a very good brief introduction about AT
  • practical, easy understand
  • inspiring and useful!
  • very useful, especially for helping us understanding our body's 'first place'
  • want to know more of the practical side
  • wonderful!
  • the contents were interesting and useful for us
  • a brief of what is Alexander Technique and how to relate to music performance
  • it's useful, highly related to music student. It is necessary for our health & being a performer
  • rich content!
  • easy to understand

Teaching/delivering, e.g. lecturer's clarity of delivery, quick response to students or demonstration

  • very effective delivery, teacher is very devoted to teach and share with students
  • ideas are clearly projected
  • very efficient and inspiring
  • clear delivery with live demonstration
  • crystal clear delivering
  • very clear explanation & very patient
  • very interesting, good interactions with all of us
  • very clear of the information delivery, fast response and is nice lecturer
  • clear explanation, interactive activities, good time management & good progress
  • the content of the workshop surprise me because I thought the course will only teach me how to relax myself before I attend the workshop.
  • funny teaching! Interesting
  • good & clear
  • very good & useful
  • good to have some activities to make the session more interesting & god to have demonstration
  • very clear
  • very good, I can see the result and how to use the Alexander Technique
  • very clear & interesting!
  • Well!
  • great, hope there can be more demonstration
  • very good
  • nice demonstration
  • nice demonstration
  • very clear
  • very clear and useful
  • pretty good
  • clear explanation
  • clear, nice demonstration
  • clear delivery, highly related t performance
  • can do more demonstration if we have time
  • I found that this workshop useful

Any other comments?

  • I would like to have further information.
  • Yes, I would like to have this technique as an elective module.
  • It is highly recommended course for music student. No need a core, but an elective course is good. Glad to have some AT workshops other than normal lectures.
  • Yes, it is very useful for me and music students. AT is good as elective module
  • Yes, to learn how to relax my body when playing my instrument. The workshop gives me some basic idea of Alexander Technique. It will be good to provide similar type of workshop although I am now BA3
  • I would love university can provided the workshop and hope can be one of the elective modules. I have great interest in this technique and hope can improve my performing
  • I wish university to provide similar type of course or workshop as soon as possible!
  • Yes, I would like university to provide elective module in the near future
  • I believe this can help us to use our body more efficiently and in a healthier way!!
  • Initially, I don't have specific expectations for I have no ideas what Alexander
  • Technique is. After this workshop, I have grasped the basic concept. It is very impressive. Thank you for organizing such an inspiring workshop
  • Its is very important to include how to be a healthy and sustainable performer in the curriculum. Hopefully, university will include the technique in the curriculum before I graduate (year 1). I would like to know more information.
  • I have expected to know the method and the workshop fulfilled
  • Yes, the workshop fulfil my expectation of understanding more about our proper body gesture for daily life and performance
  • I like it as a workshop but I would also like to have an elective course of this technique
  • Please give more lectures frequently!
  • Hopefully have one workshop per semester and have different topics each semester
  • It reaches my expectation. I do wish music department to provide AT workshop as an elective module. I would like to have further information
  • I would like music department to provide AT course as an elective modules
  • I prefer having an AT course rather than workshop
  • I hope music department to provide AT course in the near future
  • It can help us make well performance
  • My expectation is to release the tension and the workshop is totally useful
  • I believe that many musicians face those problems and want to know the solution. It will be great if we will have part 2 from this workshop
  • I want to know why I feel so relax in my performance, so now I know the reason.
  • I hope music department can provide AT workshop & as an elective module
  • I wish music department to offer both workshop & course module
  • Do hope music department to provide similar type of the workshop. This would be very nice and amazing. Sure anyone want to be free!
  • I am sure that I do wish music department to provide AT workshop and elective module to us in the near future
  • This workshop makes me realize the tension of body. It is what my expectation.
  • I prefer making AT work as an elective module. The course should start from AD to BA music students
  • Yes, the workshop has aroused my interests in knowing more about the technique
  • Yes, I believe it would be very useful for the future music students
  • It gives an idea of freedom in body
  • I hope music department to provide AT workshop and elective module
  • This work is very useful indeed! Do hope music department to provide more AT workshop & course as an elective module
  • I expect that this workshop can help me to find an appropriate way to play instrument and be more relax. I would like to have more workshop and become an elective module
  • One-to-one teaching is needed
  • Yes, it would be good to become an elective module in music program
  • To help us discovery our posture, better performance quality
  • Help me release the stress when playing piano. It gives me the way to release tension when standing or moving the hand. I really wish music department to provide similar workshop
  • I hope more workshops to be held and increase the number of demonstration
  • I like more one to one teaching
  • I wish music department can provide more AT workshops and become an elective courses
  • Yes, at least I know why my performance level is locked and know how to solve the problem
  • I think this workshop should be the core course for music students

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